Shutter speed: 1/1448.15<br />
ISO speed: 100<br />
Focal length: 200.0000<br />
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1096 1126 1786 3189 3357 1217 137 227 287 1427 407 437 557 677 707 1727
Shutter speed: 1/1448.15
ISO speed: 100
Focal length: 200.0000
Aperture: 4.8750
Exposure bias: 0.0000
Exposure program: Aperture priority
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  2. djg
    Clive, I'm just pasting the EXIF information from a dialog box - don't mean to be a "digital bigot", merely informative, plus it's the easiest way for me :). By the way, there is no digital distortion here. That's what was there, bizarre as it is. I have some wider shots where you can see the same effect over the same area. The only thing I do in Photoshop (except in extreme cases, in which case I'd mention it) is to bring the brightness, contrast and saturation to the appropriate level, much as
  3. Clive Kenyon
    Clive Kenyon
    I did not mean to imply that you digitally manipulated the image yourself. But the top right corner looks like the compression fairy has been at work.

  4. djg
    Ahh, that JPEG thing ... actually that's the cloud structure, which almost appears as fall-off. I also checked in a wider shot and compared the areas.
  5. Clive Kenyon
    Clive Kenyon
    Well, I might as well admit it - I pasted the gondola into my 'Venice' shot. Did anyone notice?

  6. elsha

Additional Info

Settings: 200 mm

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