Shutter speed: 1/32.00<br />
ISO speed: 100<br />
Focal length: 26.0000<br />
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1157 1787 3298 3358 138 1308 1368 228 288 1398 1218 1428 408 438 528 1578
Shutter speed: 1/32.00
ISO speed: 100
Focal length: 26.0000
Aperture: 5.1250
Exposure bias: 0.0000
Exposure program: Aperture priority
  1. elsha
  2. photostranger
    Many times waterfall pictures are "pictures of waterfalls" and not photographs that can stand up on their own. This is a good photograph that happens to have a waterfall for it's subject. I would not change anything,
  3. Viazanichev

Additional Info

Settings: 26 mm

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