G2, 45/2, E200
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G2, 45/2, E200
In the album Auschwitz
  1. kubik
    One of the most sinister buildings in the world. Most of the times, this infamous place is photographed with high contrast B&W film. But color brings another dimension, more subtle, more eerie: It just looks so ordinary, so bland. And that makes it all the more frightening, knowing this is the last gate a great many people have crossed.
  2. photostranger
    I would have cut the frame to allow the building to extend off the frame. I think there is enough direction and activity in the middle to maintain proper composition. While this was a composition choice, after reading your discription (i am embarassed not knowing what the building is, but i assume it is holocaust- related) i feel it would further extend the "point of no return" feeling as if there is no excaping.

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