Irakly laughed at me when I told him my wife assigned me the task of shooting pictures of all...
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Irakly laughed at me when I told him my wife assigned me the task of shooting pictures of all the wild cats she feeds everyday. But it is actually fun. This is a young one that is afraid of the camera. But not to afraid to creep up to the food anyway.

Contax ND, 85/1.4 @ 1.4, ISO 160.
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  2. admin
    Hi Marc,

    since you use both Contax ND and Canon 10D you might be able to answer this:

    Everytime when I see ND-pictures they look lively, contrasty and the colours are beautiful -at least on the screen. I would say a kinf of 3-d-effect too. Very similar to the Contax-analogue-slides I have at home.

    But the pictures I have seen on the net so far from the Canon 1ds and Canon 10d are looking by far not as good as the ND (or as good as my slides)on the screen and in the print.

    Have you ma
  3. fotografz
    Dirk. Without a question you should
    see if you can get some sort of a deal on an ND. You already have N lenses I think. Plus you know the shortcomings of the camera, so they won't come as a surprise.

    It takes a while to learn how to get the most out of each different digital camera. The same holds true for the Canon 1Ds and 10D. I am just learning about them now, and have faith that I'll produce better and better images as I unlock their secrets. Just like with the ND.
  4. admin
    Yes, I have N-lenses, but a Canon 10d with new/used lenses will be cheaper then a good offer on a ND. I am sure that Contax will come out wuith something cheaper then the ND and similar/better performance within the next 2 years. But in the meantime I could use a 10D already.

    I have to start at some point to learn more about digital. And I am afraid that the results of a 5MB Olympus C-5050 or Nikon 5700 will not satisfy me... Have you tested that one by the way?

    So do you still think for
  5. fotografz
    Dirk, sorry to post so long after your question.

    The ND produces better images than the 10D especially if you are using zoom lenses. Canon zooms produce more distortion and are not as vivid in color rendition.
  6. funt

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