AX at Macro, Planar 85mm/1.4, Elite 100.
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2986 2566 377 1697 947 2567 318 678 3239 319 619 2989 1159 3192 440 2000
AX at Macro, Planar 85mm/1.4, Elite 100.
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  1. Clive Kenyon
    Clive Kenyon
    Love it. Great effect - well conceived.
  2. contaxrock
    Fully opened aperture? It seems the yellow core is a little bit out focus, and the front white leaf is a little bit disturbing. The shallow dop of f1.4 is not easy to control.
    Yet, I like the composition of this.
  3. pipsqueak
    This is why I love zeiss!
  4. thomast
    Great composition, photo has harmony and balance. Great use of DOF, light and shadow..Easily best of the lot. See.. The Tao of Photography by Tom Ang and get all your shots this extra ordinary.

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