Contax RX 50mm 1.7 TLA flash.<br />
In this shot I am conveying that feeling that a lot of the...
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Contax RX 50mm 1.7 TLA flash.
In this shot I am conveying that feeling that a lot of the wedding event is a blur, people moving around you, conversations, etc, but at the same time you can remember specific moments of things happening around you.
  1. fausto
    Intention was good.
    I find the image distracting (don't complain about the two stars, you got them after a couple of four....)
  2. nickser
    It's hard to imagine the result using film, maybe it would be easier with digital? Anyway I didn't put this in their album, it went in the bin straight away when I saw the result. I decided to put it here to see what others thought.

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