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  1. fotografz
    Close to a 4.
  2. equiphoto
    I'd find it more useful if you said why.
  3. fotografz
    Sorry, I usually give a reason for my opinion.

    This image could have been far more powerful given the subject matter. The slight rear angle and distance from the subject doesn't quite convey the power of these wonderful animals. As it is, the over-all scene is a bit static, which I'm sure in reality it wasn't.

    IMO, that is what still work is all about. Making decisions to convey the feeling of what is really happening, and doing it in one single frame.
  4. equiphoto
    OK. Thanks for the explanation. I actually like the slight rear view but I accept your comments.

    To get very anal about horse photography, heavy horses are often photographed slightly from the rear as it accentuates their hind quarters which is where their strength is. However, I'm not saying I've achieved that in this picture.

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