Contax N1<br />
Vario Sonnar 17-35mm<br />
f 5.6<br />
Kodak E100VS<br />
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Contax N1
Vario Sonnar 17-35mm
f 5.6
Kodak E100VS
Tokyo,Marunouchi, Tokyo International Forum
In the album People Photography
  1. nickser
    What a strange (to me) object. What does it stand for?
  2. funjp
    Let me explain about this picture. Marunouchi is a business district in Tokyo, that's been going through a revival, with new buldings to come. The Tokyo International Forum is a complex of 5 theatres and convention rooms, it's an achitectonic landmark in the city. Last year several artist were invited to give their contribution on an art project whose theme was the cow. These artists works were exposed in the Marunouchi district surroundings.

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