Contax RX, Yashica 24mm with polarizer, Fuji Superia (New) 400.<br />
A Grand Teton NP cliche....
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Contax RX, Yashica 24mm with polarizer, Fuji Superia (New) 400.
A Grand Teton NP cliche. Not very original, but you'll want to get up early to get this one. (You have to get there before sunrise to stake out the good spot)
  1. nickser
    I copied this into my editor and cropped it heavily, getting rid of the distracting foreground shadows and a lot of sky. Using just the middle 'third' of the shot to make a panorama. It looks more powerful to me. What do you think?
  2. DJA
    Thanks for the feedback. I too was bothered by the foreground shadow and did consider cropping. The panorama idea certainly does improve the finished image. In the end I decided to post the image "as is" with warts and all because I consider this forum a learning opportunity. Thanks again.

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