Cybershot F707, 190mm (Zoom), ISO 100, Modo S, f:5.6, 1/500 seg.
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Cybershot F707, 190mm (Zoom), ISO 100, Modo S, f:5.6, 1/500 seg.
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  2. Unregistered
    Apart from the 'cotton wool' sky it is great.
  3. HorstFabian
    I appreciate your comments very much,thank you.
    Yes, the sky is actually manipulated. It is the original sky, but on the original image the sky was dull, grey-greenish/blueish. On the other hand, a few days later, after I got home and finally downloaded the image to my computer, I wondered why the sky came out that dull, since I remebered it more vivid at the moment of the shot So I went with P7 to work on it. To my surprise this sky literally poped out of the dullish grey. At the end I got to
  4. Unregistered
    Hi Horst, Thanks for the explanation. It is still a great shot even though the sky is surreal. I don't know why the post I put up came up as an unregistered user, so I will give it another rating.

    Paul (nickser)
  5. Unregistered
  6. Unregistered

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