Contax 645<br />
Distagon 3.5/35 T*<br />
Kodak DCS ProBack 645c
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Irakly Shanidze
Contax 645
Distagon 3.5/35 T*
Kodak DCS ProBack 645c
In the album People Photography
  1. fotografz
    Would expect nothing less from you Irakly. The strawberry thing did the trick. Did you have to resist putting it on her chest like a heart?

    Lighting rocks, and the 35 is the bomb used this way.
  2. Irakly Shanidze
    Irakly Shanidze
    Marc, I actually have a picture where it is used as a heart, but on a different model with size 4 brests. It is as kitschy as it gets, but I cannot post it here because it was shot with Canon.

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