Camera:Contax RTS I<br />
Lens:Zeiss Planar 1,7-50<br />
Film:Kodak T400CN
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1901 2981 2141 2201 1751 3472 1182 102 1242 1362 252 372 402 1512 1542 582
Camera:Contax RTS I
Lens:Zeiss Planar 1,7-50
Film:Kodak T400CN
In the album People Photography
  1. rcampbell2
    Very so, so. Subject's face obscurred with out much reason, background blah, hair focu business distracting, needs light, focus and better framing.
  2. clarkerickson
    I disagree!! This is very alluring, mysterious photo of beautiful woman.
  3. chango
    thanks both for the critics, i can see tath clark have SEEN the photo as i did, perhaps mr rcampbell2 is right, but when you take a shot, MANY times you can`t take it as you really want..

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