Contax RX<br />
CZ 100/2,8 macro<br />
f=5,6<br />
Velvia<br />
handheld in Gion, Kyoto
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Contax RX
CZ 100/2,8 macro
handheld in Gion, Kyoto
In the album People Photography
  1. raflabox
    great colours and contrast, wonderful photo
  2. craignorris
    A lovely atmosphere captured nicely. A lower camera height to get a liitle more of the kimonos and a little less of the dark space above their heads might have improved it though.
  3. rcampbell2
    Perfect. That Velvia is nice. I would say Fuji would buy this one hands down.
  4. fotografz
    I like the composition. 1/3, 2/3rds. IMO, moving them up in frame would crowd the crop. Beautiful colors and lighting.

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