Taken with 20D   17-85mm IS lens.
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Taken with 20D 17-85mm IS lens.
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  1. fotografz
    At first I wondered why you posted a photo from a Canon 20D and Canon 17-85 lens here on the Contax forum gallery. but then I noticed your other bridal shot done with an ND.

    I also have the 20D and that lens. As well as a Contax ND. Which lens did you use on the ND shot? It says 80mm, but was it a Ziess zoom or the 85/1.4?

    Anyway both pics are very nice, but the ND shot confirms something I've noticed before, and just rediscovered again today while shooting the ND ... the ND images look l
  2. albert4321
    Marc, thanks for viewing. On the ND, I use the 80mm f/2 with the NAM-1 adaptor.
  3. fotografz
    Ahhh, thank you.

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