M6, 35/1.4, Tri-X
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M6, 35/1.4, Tri-X
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  2. patotts
    this image is outstanding. the moment, the anticipation, all nicely framed with perfect lightning. great shot.
  3. Unregistered
    I agree with all the previous comment
    that's so great picture and don't needs any word to live
  4. sid
    Very nice! Great idea and location, I particularly like that the man is walking up a set of stairs to meet with her and that she is sitting down waiting for him. Excellent timing if you captured an unplanned event by waiting for someone to walk into the frame, or, an equally excellent execution if you planned it.
  5. Unregistered
    Sid, it was a totally unplaned and candid moment. Thanks.
  6. sid
    Fotografz...even better...not planned that is. Good eye!

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