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  2. RazvanL
    E foarte bine. Aia cu prelata imi place mult. P-astea a/n le developezi singur? Poate ne intalnim. (206 72 72 - e de la servici) Numele e pe bune. Razvan
  3. aurelio carraffa
  4. rodrigo
    i wish i had this painting in my room... it's just that: a renacentist painting.
  5. Unregistered
    Increadibly Excellent !!!!

    How someone could rate this photograph a 3 without an explaination is bewildering to me. If 6s were available I would give it a 7 ; -)

    It has mystery, intrigue, a sort of sexyness and personifies capturing a nano second of what we see for all to behold for an eternity.
  6. cuprudo
    thank you for your comment and for your very high rating
    i didn't expect a new comment on this photo because i posted it such a long time ago, and certainly not a comment from you
    thank you again

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