Sandi Wilkinson, a friend and artist in her own right.<br />
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Fortepan 100,...
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Sandi Wilkinson, a friend and artist in her own right.

Fortepan 100, Apo-Macro-Elmarit-R; f/2.8, 30 seconds. Slight gaussian blur added digitally.
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  1. bnfotografie
    Sorry, this just doesn't do much for me. I understand why the face is blurry, due to a 30 second exposure, but it still bothers me. Sometimes we can get attached to a not so good photo because of how difficult it was to make. The viewer doesn't much care about that.
  2. greyfox
    Her face is blurred because was intentionally shifted out of the focal plane, as my goal was abstraction rather than precise depiction. Apparantly this didn't come across as well as I'd felt. Thanks for your comment!
  3. reinierv
    This is something you must like or not. I do.
    I just feel that the black could be more black but maybe you did that on purpose to enhance shoftness.
    I like the shadow play. The only thing that is a bit weird is the bright eye.

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