G2, Sonnar 90 mm, A/f2.8, Kodak Profoto, Romania
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G2, Sonnar 90 mm, A/f2.8, Kodak Profoto, Romania
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  2. rmirani
    Beautiful shot...I remember seeing this on the Contax G site and it still looks great over here.
  3. trust
    Great pair in the appropriate formate.
    Now my desktop wallpaper.
  4. clarkerickson
    I think this is a very fine shot. My only complaint is that the front two trees seem a little too dark, too harsh. Could you do something on photoshop with this portion of photo only? If so, it is a six on a scale of five in my opinion.
  5. sxgautam
    Serene. Excellent photo.
  6. nickser

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