M7, Summicron 50mm, Fuji 400F, 1/30 sec f/2.8
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M7, Summicron 50mm, Fuji 400F, 1/30 sec f/2.8
  1. mholdef
    Very odd but I have just visualised this picture from my work PC and it is rather dark, clearly as a result of how my screen is calibrated here in opposition to my home PC. I hope this isn't the case for everyone else as most detail is lost!

  2. bnfotografie
    I'm getting lots of detail on my monitor, and have to say I love the image. The color is excellent, as is your composition. Now, as to whether I'd eat there....
  3. mholdef
    Many thanks.

    I imagine it's my screen at work then (Where it simply looks awful, you can't even read anything off the chalk board). Definitely miles away from my Trinitron at home.

    By the way, food there was excellent. I remember having a super cup of chili and a chicken wrap served with (first time) fried sweet potatos.

    A nice town in Upstate New York.


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