M7, Elmarit 90mm, Fuji Neopan 400, yellow-orange filter.
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M7, Elmarit 90mm, Fuji Neopan 400, yellow-orange filter.
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  2. mholdef
    Thanks guys

  3. Unregistered
    I find this image captivating... Beautiful, It makes me wonder what might be in the forground on the "dark" side of the horizon. It makes me wonder about where you were standing when you took it, what might be happening in the town that I imagine to be just over the ridge that the chapel pearches on. Lovely atmoshpere. Thank you. Antony
  4. mholdef
    Thank you Antony for the compliments!

  5. ubermensch1
    Just beautiful. Compostion and exposure could not be better, I agree...
    Well done!!

    I usually don't rate, but there are always exceptions!
  6. mholdef



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