Contax RX<br />
CZ 28/2,0<br />
Velvia <br />
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Contax RX
CZ 28/2,0
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  2. craignorris
    Beautiful colours, lighting, and mood. Very nicely done.
  3. clarkerickson
    This is a very nice photograph. The colors are great. The rocks in the foreground are reminiscent of Ansel Adams'work.
  4. fotografz
    I LOVE this shot!

    Stuff like this is done to death, yet you brought it back to life with your color treatment and perfect technique.
  5. kubik
    Looks like a landscape from some alien planet. Depth of field is perfectly controlled, and the long exposure gives this scene such an fantastic look. Amazing. Congrats!
  6. AntonyB
    wow, fantastic!

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