m6 35 mm 2.0<br />
fuji 400 press<br />
f 5.6 1/250 s
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wit konijn
m6 35 mm 2.0
fuji 400 press
f 5.6 1/250 s
In the album People Photography
  1. johne
  2. johne
    Is the glass one way? Just curious. Johne
  3. wit konijn
    wit konijn
    Hi Johne, people can look through the glass two ways, but I think people feel a bit embarished eating in a place like that. It's like sitting in a shop-window. They shut themselves off and focuss on their food.
  4. johne

    Take a look at www.swannsway.ch. It has a plethora of pictures.
  5. wit konijn
    wit konijn
    I guess you find there's a similar way of "looking"? You're right, I think.
    Thanks for the tip. It's nice work!

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