M6, Noct at f1. Kodachrome 64
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M6, Noct at f1. Kodachrome 64
  1. mholdef
    Like the mood.

    Does Noctilux often vignette at f1 when a filter is attached?

    By the way, liked the other B&W shot in museum using 28mm Summicron.

  2. sim00
    I think you are maybe talking about a centre ND filter? I don't know if Leica has one for this lens and as far as I know all Noct will vignette at wide open.

    BTW I hope my reply regarding the 28mm lens help. Just tonite I looked up some old slides shot with the 28 Elmarit and the quality were bad at all.

  3. Unregistered
    This photo might serve as wry philosophy as well the "abstract" you labeled it--the trash can representing the ultimate receptacle for people, energetic ocean and stolid mountain. I smiled when I saw it.

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