Leica M7, 90mm Elmarit, Fuji Velvia
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Leica M7, 90mm Elmarit, Fuji Velvia
  1. Unregistered
    Deep color combined with sand and soon-to-spoil fish draws attention to a non-Western life. The picture provokes thought and empathy. It demonstrates why numerical ratings are sometimes inadequate.
  2. mholdef
    Completely agree.

    Does make you think (As you say perhaps some more than others)

  3. zekkar
    a pic like this one is a pity for me I live young 20 years in congo, tchad and senegal and I buy my first M3 in 1962!
    Too late ! I am happy for you
  4. mholdef
    Thanks Zekkar

    People in Senegal were fantastic. This man here actually was one of the few to be a bit bitter and when I offered him a bit of money for the picture he insisted I give him much more!

    Very poor country but beautiful people.


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