Leica M7, 90mm Elmarit, Fuji Velvia
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Leica M7, 90mm Elmarit, Fuji Velvia
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  2. mholdef

    Agree that scan doesn't really get the best out of the shadows, and given no use of flash, certainly more pronounced here.

    Flash would have been difficult as she was about 100 feet away (I reframed here in fact). In Senegal it is not easy to get close up portraits!


  3. zekkar
    In congo the language is "monokoutouba"
    My comment : "mama kitoko"
    In english : very sexy lady
  4. mholdef
    Senegal is a very poor country but women are beautiful, clean and well dressed!

  5. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    I like the association of vivid and dark colors.
    The plastic pot makes odd with the elegant clothes of this woman
  6. mholdef
    Thanks Yvan.

    Truly amazed me how in heat and on beach women can be so poised and elegantly dressed!


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