at the lake, 50mm 2.8 elmar and flash. kodak VC 160.
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at the lake, 50mm 2.8 elmar and flash. kodak VC 160.
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  1. johne
    A lot more is hidden in the right panel. What is its purpose? Just curious.
  2. mortn
    it's the surrounding of the place, just to underline the story a bit more… yes curious is the right thing.

  3. Dorian
    Interresting arrangement of two images. Even though rather small there seems to be a very good light. I like the composition in the left side photo and would have liked it just as much without the legs.
  4. michael seo
  5. michael seo
    michael seo
    very interesting.... this photo is stimulating the hidden upper portion to me.^^

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