Leica M7, Summicron 50mm, Polarizer, Yellow-Orange filter, Kodak Plus-X
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Leica M7, Summicron 50mm, Polarizer, Yellow-Orange filter, Kodak Plus-X
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  2. Swann
    You could do that very easy within photoshop. It is worth it to study the software. You can do everything you know from the darkroom and a lot more.
  3. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    I have a heath summer impression looking to this picture.
    i like the diagonal position of the little wave, the position of the model and her reflect on wet sand too and the direction of her glance towards horizon
  4. mholdef

    I need to rescan this whole set of pictures from Cape Cod as I had done it with my Nikon LS-2000 and just acquired a 5000ED which ia 10x improved for black and white. Certainly recommend this scanner.

    Nonetheless there still will be some vignetting on this one as I was quite opened up.

  5. horn38
    Nice, should have her take off her swin suit.. her form would look great nude
  6. mholdef
    True that the swimsuit does draw from the purity of the image.

    Only would have been difficult as in fact there were quite a number of people on the beach - not an easy thing to do, let alone in the USA!



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