South Haven, MI&lt;br&gt;<br />
Leica R8&lt;br&gt;<br />
50mm Summicron&lt;br&gt;<br />
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South Haven, MI<br>
Leica R8<br>
50mm Summicron<br>
Tri-X @ E.I. 200
  1. Swann
    This one I don't understand, there is a cloud and masts of sailboats, maybe there was some wind but I cannot feel it in the picture. The tree fragment down left is not necessary. Maybe with some more dramatical perspective and greytones?
  2. normb
    Funny thing is, about half the people I talk to say the tree should go, the other say it should stay. I personally think it should go, but was curious as to what others had to say.
  3. Unregistered
    Photos like this rely on really using tonal values to make a dramatic statement. This one fails to do that.
  4. cybwanderer
  5. cybwanderer
    I understand the intention but something is missing

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