I am not quite sure whether it should classified as Landscape or People, but...<br />
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I am not quite sure whether it should classified as Landscape or People, but...

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  1. mholdef

    Person at lower left almost looks as if you super-imposed from another image.

    I like the smiling women and also the grain, clouds, etc.

    Can't decide however if I really like the diagonal angle of picture though.


  2. Unregistered
    Actually, this could be a still from an Italian verite style film. The husband and his wife are walking to their beach house, having just come from a bawdy party. The husband is loaded (a deduction from the extremely tilted angle), and he couldn't resist taking a photo of the smiling girl...who, by the way, is not his wife. I wish I could see the wife's expression. Just an interpretation. Viewer draw your own conclusions.
  3. Swann
    I like the way you tilt your camera, go on like this! BTW Definetely not a landscape.
  4. cybwanderer
    I agree with Marks's comment and I think the diagonal is a good idea. As far as I am concerned, I might have done it the other way around ie Down Left to Up right.

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