M7, 28 Summicron, TMY
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M7, 28 Summicron, TMY
In the album People Photography
  1. Unregistered
    This had the potential of an interesting photograph. Did you shoot any others closer?
  2. sim00
    I have other shots too but this is the only one that managed to get the older guy on the right.
  3. Unregistered
    I think the older guy is not part of this story.
  4. Unregistered
    I like this picture, but as fotografz points out, it presents an uncomfortable visual tension. I do see why you wanted to include the "older guy." He adds depth, interest, and the life-in-progress touch I happen to like. But his presence visually competes with the ponytail person at the left.

    It is as if there are two dynamic left and right poles to the photograph and nothing powerful enough to bring them together in the center.

    My eye doesn't know where to settle. I find it compromisin

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