400ASA at 1600; 50mm
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Stijn De Blieck
400ASA at 1600; 50mm
In the album People Photography
  1. Swann
    Some situations are that complex, almost impossible to control. The man in the foreground with the finger at his lips and the hurrying lady are well captured.
    Are you making the push-developping yourself? If yes - what developper?
  2. Stijn De Blieck
    Stijn De Blieck
    Thanks for the comment Swann. I must admit that part of the image was not controlled at all, I was concentrating on the look of the boy in the middle, who was in turn focussing on the teeny weeny little car.
    I use Kodak T-Max developper, 10 minutes on 20°c
  3. Swann
    Great results with your developping technique. What film BTW, T-Max 400 I should guess? I used T-Max developper a while but never got warm with it. My favourite combo was always Tri-X and D76 1:1.
    Isn't it interesting that a photograph can come out quite different from the first intention and despite is interesting although the focus is on something different? The boy is nice but I'd have never thought he was your target of interest. Was he completely visible between the two men and all the oth
  4. Stijn De Blieck
    Stijn De Blieck
    Yes it is T-Max 400 film, I rarely use anything else.
    For regular developments I also used D76 until last year when my supplier suddenly discontinued this cheap and potent powder. I'm now testing with Ilford standard developer.

    Yes it's quite amusing how some photos can surprise you when you finally see the result (also in a bad sense sometimes). This kind of surprises is one of the main reasons I stick to analogue for the time being. With digital equipment the final image appears

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