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m6, 50
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  2. simonpt
    Hi there. Really enjoyed this Photo. Beatifully crisp. Lovely tonal range...what film are you using here?
  3. sim00
    Love the 3-dimensional look of this photo.
  4. fotografz
  5. yooloo
    this one was shot on kodak portra 400 b/w, rated @ 320'. i am very pleased - most of the time - with the tonal range one can get from portra, if developed properly.
    however, me and my C-41 films are in mercy of the local photo shop, so development depends on a day in the week, time of the day, mood of the employees, and weather conditions. if all is well this is what i get. otherwise - look at my "stairs"
    thank you all for your input,
  6. rodrigo
    excelent tones, composition, DOF. great

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