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  1. Swann
    Your dog? Good you are back, long time no see.
  2. gogo
    hello!you're right,it's been awhile.i was dissapointed because i had no space left to upload,but i finnaly decided to make a comeback,and i had no choice but to delete all my previous uploads.the good news is that now i am logged on the internet every day...and unfortunately,this is not my dog,i simply passed him by.i really like dogs,animals in's good to be back
  3. Swann
    Indeed, many here had the feeling of something being taken away of them. Good idea to delete the older images. Glad it worked for the webmaster mentionned they were frozen and deleting them had no influence on the quota.

    I think I have seen the same dog again in one of your earlier photographs, a car in street with a dog at the wheel?
  4. rodrigo
  5. rodrigo
    gogo, sinto saudades. Eu vã pierd. :D

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