M6 TTL 35mm ASPH F2
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M6 TTL 35mm ASPH F2
  1. fotografz
  2. Swann
    I wonder where these color changes in the upper right part might come from? Too I see a slight radial density change. Wrong filter or lens hood?
  3. yooloo
    ... to crop or not to crop... i like it a lot, shame for those two corners. i had something similar showing up for some time on one of my russian lenses: heavily decentered middle lens group, but would not expect that from ASPH...
    which film if i may ask?
    well done!
  4. reagan
    You all have suberb eyes and technical understanding. Its the first time that my work has such a wide audience and very grateful. Firstly, Fuji Velvia. Secondly, I did not have a polariser for this lens and took the risk of hand holding a 58mm CP infront of the lens, badly as you rightly see. Nothing wrong with the Leica equipment just the guy using it.

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