Leica Minilux, Ilford XP2,<br />
hand held, NYC.
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Leica Minilux, Ilford XP2,
hand held, NYC.
In the album People Photography
  1. Swann
    What can I say? See that pole - almost unbelievable how you managed that. Cool tones towards black. Well done. Did you use the built in flash?
  2. mbru65

    Thanks Swann for the compliments. I think you mean that New York is a bit of a photographic cliche, which I guess it is. As long as one avoids shots of the Empire State Building!! No,
    no flash. I thought I had made it all too contrasty, no? I have yet to get it printed.
    Again thanks, I must go look at more of your shots...
  3. Swann
    Thats what I meant, photographic cliches are quite dangerous either you subordinate and produce more of the same or do get into an anti-situation. It's difficult to find an own way of viewing and showing.

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