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  2. rodrigo
  3. gogo
    @ swann
    no,i didn't use a slide projector(as a matter of fact,i don't know what a slide projector is).if you are reffering to the colours on his face,i simply caught him when he was holding a cd-it's reflections are the unusual colours you see.
    tnaks for the apreciation.i don't have a favourite painter..i like the impresionists and the surealists.since my life will surely always be connected to art i can't have preferences because i find in every work of art(clasic or modern)a sourc
  4. rodrigo
    Gogo - a quite good moderation do you have concearning preferences. I agree. However, sometimes I prefer the surrealists to impressionists, sometimes not... I don't know... When I think in colours, I think in Matisse or Turner, so on... just opinions.
  5. Swann
    a slide projector is a machine that is used to show slides on a screen. It is also very useful if you cannot afford a spotlight lamphead for your flash system. I used it to make quite similar effects but too just as a spotlight or to project writing on bodies.
    It is a great idea to use a CD to make the effect. Was the mainlight bright sunshine?
  6. cybwanderer
    congrats to the color master

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