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  2. cuprudo
    I liked the way the red of the mousepad flooded the metallic surface of the nail clipper
    the quality of the photo is bad because it is a bad exposed photo
    I didn't plan this photo
    I observed it
    I still like what I saw
  3. johne
    This raises a quesiton: Is the art of photography the "creation" of a picture or the capture of the moment? Just a comment. Johne
  4. Swann
    More a graphic study than a photograph. My teachers would have beaten me for allowing the background color dominating the light.
  5. rodrigo
    @Swann: I agree with you.
    Cuprudo, I'm wonder on this moment with my own nail clipper... a lustrous silver surface that could wear (or be flooded by) any color, reflection, ... is quite what you are trying to show in this photo. However, I have another question: if I didn't know what a nail clipper is - in it's original state?! Wouldn't be a creation of a new state - as have you tried to show - but just a capture of that moment. In THIS case, didn't work: a nail clipper is not a very attractiv
  6. jackart
    ??? Poor quality. Is it the product shot?

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