Leica Minilux, Ilford XP2,<br />
hand held, f2.4.
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Leica Minilux, Ilford XP2,
hand held, f2.4.
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  2. mbru65
    Hi Rodrigo, this one was actually only
    very slighty altered in PS. It was basically like this to begin with.
  3. mbru65
    Oh, I see. No, that is too much manipulation! I like to think you get
    a moment or you don't! I like to use
    PS just as you would in an old darkroom, otherwise photography becomes something else.
  4. rodrigo
    ok... but i mean that without the lady (inside of shop), just with the younger one, you would get a perfect moment for a nice composition... anyway, i like it.
  5. Swann
    I mean taking away the lady inside would be a catastrophy. The very special charm of this photograph is that insecureness whether this is a reflection in the glass door or not. Very, very refined I should say. You know how to handle your Minilux.
  6. mbru65
    I agree with Swann, and even if it did
    benefit the picture compositionally, I
    still wouldn't do that large of a manipulation. It would make it a lie to

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