&#039;flex, 24mm, Kodak HS Ir<br />
if anybody cares, there are more of IR pix in my landscapes...
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'flex, 24mm, Kodak HS Ir
if anybody cares, there are more of IR pix in my landscapes gallery. would appreciate any comment! thanks for looking...
  1. Unregistered
    Nice work composing. I like the IR look.
  2. Stijn De Blieck
    Stijn De Blieck
    I like the way you look at things, you seem to have a gift for composition.
  3. mbru65
    I like this a lot. It is crying out to be on a Led Zeppelin album cover--mbru65.
  4. Swann
    Not so happy with it, but very good work anyway.
  5. yooloo
    @all - thanks for looking!
    @mbru - good to have you back! can't wait to see what have you shot during the past few weeks... as for the comment - i'd be deeply and trully flattered if somebody told me that 25 years ago. but now, you almost brought tears to my eyes. still laughing! thanks for that...
    @swann - i could guess... somehow, shooting with IR is like playing a sure bet. no wonder everything looks more interesting! add a wide angle, and one has to be blind to screw it up.
    this series wa

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