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m6, 35
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  2. fotografz
  3. yooloo
    nice to hear from you again! and if anybody should be commenting parallelity - it should be you.
    to be honest, i didn't expect even this much from a 12$ lens.
    i did tweaked perspective on "sleepers" (naughty, naughty!), made sense bringing that black wall on the left to (almost?) vertical, knowing that Somebody will be looking at that, too.
    what i would do with this one is making the edge of the wall vertical, to have at least one true refecence.
    OTOH, there are so many lines dist
  4. Swann
    Besides that I would love to comment parallelity and many other little mistakes in pictures, I cannot say anything else on this picture but: It is great!
    I agree highly that not only fishing for compliments but the discussion about pictures should be the goal in this forum. I am grateful for the opportunity to state that I like the 'not so perfect' photographs quite more than the others. They just give more to discuss to think and to learn. It's somehow just like with children, the dif
  5. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    I don't bother if the picture is perfect or not ( i am not so confident with my technique ) but it simply brings me emotion.
  6. stefan shanghai
    stefan shanghai
    sorry my comment is a bit late but I am browsing through the galerie...
    I absolutely agree with you about the fact that emotion comes before technique. A picture with technical mistakes can still be a great shot if it grasps something and triggers emotions. But a technical perfect arrangement without a soul is just dead!
    However, I like this one very much. My compliments, it's not easy to get that kind of atmosphere out of a brick wall!

    Cheers, stefan

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