IIIf, 50
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IIIf, 50
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  2. rodrigo
    which lens did you use? looks like summar 50mm... great! the fog effect is given by weather or lens/development effect?
  3. yooloo
    thanks to all for looking!
    rodrigo, the lens is an uncoated elmar 3.5, and the fog effect is a combination of real fog, fogging in my lens, and tri-x cooked @ 640asa.
  4. Unregistered
    Wonderful image. Tones are great. Thanks
  5. sinclair
    Great feel... and it's the darker weeds fronting the picture that adds the last needed contrast... great
  6. yooloo
    @ sinclair - thanks for your time and comment. like your site, BTW! cool stuff, will be comming back for more... Thanx!

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