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  2. mholdef
    Once again, looks like entrance to Palais des Congrès - I imagine you must live in the neighborhood!

  3. cybwanderer
    Correct this is the entrance of palais des congres. A couple of days ago...
  4. Swann
    Formal a good photograph. Would have maybe worked better in b/w, I don't like that purple / violet light. Would not have shown the end of the stairs - for formal reasons and for the title too (heaven seems to be very close to the floor considered this view).
  5. skimmy
    Sorry to disagree with you swann. However i feel that the purple violet light enhances the image and the overall effect, which may have been lost in black and white. Overall a very interesting, colourful and thought provoking abstract. Very well done.
  6. Swann
    I would estimate you filling out your profile here.

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