M2 + Summicron 50
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M2 + Summicron 50
  1. Swann
    I like the perspective. What is the man in front keeping in front of his face?
  2. sim00
    Eric really interesting shot. I feel the depth could be slightly shallower in order to really bring out the subject.
  3. Ericmomo
    Gentlemen, thanks for the comments.

    The man in the front was holding something in front of his face. Also there was a big guy on his back. Both these two elements are distractions in this photo.

    Also, for the shallowness effect. I think I used an aperture of around f4. I chose between retaining details with small opening and outstanding the man with large opening. The result now is ok, but if the background is less busy I think this aperture choice is more justified.

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