FM2, Tamron SP 24mm-48mm, Fuji Superia 100
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FM2, Tamron SP 24mm-48mm, Fuji Superia 100
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  2. kaiseong
    Johne, thanks for your comment. The "manhole" to me seems to suggest some kind of development in this village because there are still some dirty open air "toilet" in this area.
  3. johne
    Interesting! Still, a crop might improve the picture. What do you think?
  4. kaiseong
    Yes, I think you are right.
  5. agp
    Don't like the circle, lower right. Love the rest of the picture - made me, for the first time, want to go to Beijing. Sky is the best part of the picture, and you caught it well.
  6. stefan shanghai
    stefan shanghai
    I don't mind the circle. It gives the picture an interesting touch.
    Hard to believe the sky can be that blue once you leave downtown Beijing!
    Very nice photograph!

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