FM2, Tamron SP 24mm-48mm, Fuji Superia 100
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528 1578 558 618 1608 648 1728 1788 1848 1908 918 1968 948 1998 2028 2838
FM2, Tamron SP 24mm-48mm, Fuji Superia 100
  1. Swann
    I am concerned about posting photographs obviously taken with a Nikon camera (FM2, Tamron SP 24mm-48mm, Fuji Superia 100) here in a Leica user forum. There are nice forums for Nikon gear. Why here then?
  2. kaiseong
    Images from my minilux is coming soon, then I'll transfer these images to Nikoninfo site. Hope these images from nikon camera donnot offend you.

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