M3 summarit agfa isopan 800<br />
assignement during the algerian war
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M3 summarit agfa isopan 800
assignement during the algerian war
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  2. zekkar
    sorry i dont know the system but I try harder i am a new member
  3. rodrigo
    ... did you use red filter? how did you take this one,... @ 2000m hight, in free fall??? great!!!
  4. zekkar
    No filter, but I use a agfa film isopan record.The print is by an artist on omega by jules steimetz who print all Cartier bresson pictures
    Sorry for my english
  5. rodrigo
    @zekkar: thank for your posts. Please, let we know some other photos from war... and concearning the lenguage: please, fell free for write in french for me - i quite understand (but prefer don't write in it...) ;)
  6. zekkar
    @rodrigo some other for you and them !
    Ceci est une sequence de prise de vues ou je sautais comme les autres bien que photographe parachutiste de la 25 eme division durant la guerre d'algerie.
    Souvenirs souvenirs ! regards jacques

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