Special french forces 1980<br />
M3 summarit TX at 1600
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Special french forces 1980
M3 summarit TX at 1600
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  2. zekkar
    Yes they do jump backwards and me too.
    But this is a assignement in 1985 whith special forces.
    Normal paratrooper use automatic opening at 500 meters. Special forces use hands command at 3000 m and more whith spécials equipments.
    Sorry for my bad english
  3. johne
    @Zekkar: Salute! You are a better man than I. We went in by helicopter and by sea in the Marines. Johne
  4. Swann
    Goodness, what sort of a man am I, hyperventilating in an elevator already?
  5. rodrigo
    a dancer...
  6. zekkar
    to johne
    Welcome to the marine corps they are as brave as french paratrooper.But i agree we are crazy to jump from a airplane !

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