M3 TX at 800 asa summarit.<br />
Otan kriegspeel whith US Airborn 1963 in Alsace
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M3 TX at 800 asa summarit.
Otan kriegspeel whith US Airborn 1963 in Alsace
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  1. rodrigo
    great: it's looks like one of those Capa's photo from Wesel invasion by paratroopers... making an abstraction, i thing in a wonderland mushroons field... ( :p what a strange comparation...)
  2. zekkar
    I am very proud if you think Capa !
    It was incredible 2000 paratroopers in the sky :101 airborn, 25eme french,tsahal, german special forces ...
    jeeps, guns, GMC and more !
    I am a lucky photographer.

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