the artist taking a picture of the artist painting a picture of the artist
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the artist taking a picture of the artist painting a picture of the artist
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  2. fpantilimon
    I have made my first post on
    I will post on leica as soon as i can delete an image, because it seems that the "delete" button has diappeared
    If anyone wants to see my photos, feel free to visit and comment
    thank you!
  3. Swann
    I agree with little fauvist influence, I am remembered to socialist realism here, Heisig, Mattheuer etc.
    About usefilm; Subscribe here and you shall have enough space for long time.
  4. rodrigo
    @Florin, GREAT... I will see your portifolio there. What is your nick-name there?... mine is rodrigo.

    Derain!... I remember which portrait I have saw once and your art remember me that memory: Matisse portrait by Derain... so, doesn't matter the influence that you have. Import you became a mature artist just trying to translate your universe for a single painting. I'm sure you have a rich universe in your mind...
  5. fpantilimon
    my nick is Florin Pantilimon (my real name)
    Derain is my favourite fauve.
    Thank you for your appreciation
    If you want, I can send you photos of some of my works
  6. rodrigo
    thank you for offering the oportunity! I would greatly appreciate - my mail is - Please, let me know your work if you don't mind so.

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