leica M5 73 1.9 tx 400<br />
Girl at &quot;café&quot; Päris
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leica M5 73 1.9 tx 400
Girl at "café" Päris
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  1. sim00
    There is something nostalgic about this photo.
  2. ubermensch
    Well developed print!!! and I agree, there is something nostalgic about this image...

    May I ask, as I am a novice, the effect of light and/or background effect, how was this achieved? Developing technique and/or depth of field, lens, combination thereof???

    Rembrandt used often (and one of the only to ever succeed in doing so) darkness as the subject or center of attention and the background well lit. As you know this is not easy as our eye naturally goes to the light...

    In photography i
  3. zekkar
    Thanks for comments,
    Is easy to have this background effects I use on M5 an old leica lens : 73 1.9 whith coma defects on TX at 1.9. you can have the same with summarit at 1.5 on Tx

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